Andalucia Diary – Seasonal Travel Notes

21 kms from 21 st century living

Last night we went up to the country to relax and chill. Today we went for a walk and there was this working mule in the street. Picture_006
It seems such an anachronsim, seeing these in the street, when 30 minutes drive away is the coast with its flash hotels, villas and apartments.  Talking of being on the periphery of 21st century life, this weekend is the start of my holidays and I am going to Morocco tomorrow.  I am taking my trusty little 4 x 4 across on the fast ferry and driving down to Fez.  I am sure I will see more than my fair share of anachronisms there!
PS If the whole mule thing has got you distressed, pay The Donkey Sanctuary a visit on line! They now have a sanctuary in Malaga province.

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