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Travel Andrew Forbes Cazorla Natural Park Spain 20.07.2012

Andalucía’s Range of Light – the magnificent natural park of Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas

Once you arrive in Cazorla you are struck by the sheer scale of this vast area of protected nature. The grandeur of the mountains and the immense forests are reminiscent of Yosemite and other national parks of North America. It’s certainly true that there is nothing else quite on this scale elsewhere in southern Spain. The natural park is made up of a number of protected areas that together span over 2000 square kilometres. Although this is the largest protected area in Spain, and a UNESCO biosphere, this exceptional corner of Andalucía is not designated aNational Park. Instead it is made up of a mixture of both inspiring untouched wild spaces that span the rugged mountain ranges, together with inhabited communities in some of the valleys. So not only is the area teeming with wildlife and plants, but there are also vibrant villages and towns whose economies are tired to the land and the tourism it supports.

Travel_Andrew Forbes Cazorla Natural Park Spain 20.07.2012

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