Andalucia Diary – Seasonal Travel Notes

As I stepped out one mid-winter’s day…

So yesterday lunchtime I packed my last things in my suitcase, stroked the cat, said good-bye to the house and closed the front door behind me. It was a sad feeling, but tempered with excitement and anticipation of the days, weeks and months ahead.

The drive to Heathrow demanding concentration as the wet snow and ice made conditions a little dodgy, but it wasn't long before I'd checked my bags and I was in the departure lounge. Later, once on board the flight, I waited impatiently as the aircraft made its way along the taxi way towards the runway, waiting for each aircraft in front to take its turn to take-off.

Usually at this point my fear of flying would make me fidget, unable to concentrate on a magazine or newspaper, but yesterday I was simply impatient.  I wanted to be on my way.  Preperations had been stressful and a little sad, so I just wanted to get going.

Despite the cold I've managed to catch, I was happy to get up and go out today. I drove to Marbella to start my language classes. Today was a one-on-one private class to assess my ability. No English was spoken once I sat down; instead extravagant, theatrical charade-like gestures and slow repetitive phrases were used to get me in the swing.  In fact the class, at Inlingua in Marbella city centre, was fun and I was surprised how easily it was to progress without any English spoken. The teacher had clear and structured objectives that quickly made me feel like I had achieved some progress! Luckily I had had a few classes with my friend Carolina in the UK, so I was able to put in a fairly respectable performance.

Tomorrow I hope to make some headway towards finding an apartment to rent near Marbella City Centre. The apartment in Torre Bermeja is now on the market and the frequent holiday rentals doesn't make it a very stable base.  In addition, for the next few months I really want to be at the heart of things.

So, in just 24 hours everything has changed.

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