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Back To The Future!

Well, just a quick note to say that I have completed my post about Palm Sunday – I was half way through writing it when I had to go and didn’t get a chance to complete it. Well, it’s now complete. Thanks to Nina for the Antonio and Melanie web link – and also for spotting my classic typo:
The bar was crowded, with an energetic and friendly crow!!
Tomorrow I will drive to Ronda to experience their own style of Easter celebrations – so more photos and ramblings to come!
No Spanish classes tomorrow or Friday. Hurray! But my favourite teacher (now ex-favourite teacher) has set me 8 pages of home work for the holidays, as she thought my progress on reflexsive verbs wasn’t fast enough – wow, how my life has changed. Now I take the instructions and get to be humiliated in public! Well, I guess it is good for my ego…

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