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Borderline crazy

Yesterday saw me back up at the house near Guaro to meet a topographist to re-establish the boundaries of the land around the house. This is over 3 years after the purchase of the land! Picture_010
The former owner of the land, seen here with the topographist, is like many of the illiterate people in the countryside.  They sell land, sign papers under advice of lawyers and then at some point in the future, realise that they can´t read the new deeds or the land plan. So in an effort to make peace with the former owner who wants to understand how much land he has left, I went up to agree the borders of the land. Here the land is unfenced, so often ruins, trees or outcrops of rocks form the basis of the reference points for the topologist.  To make sure I am not back again in 3 years time, stakes are being put in the ground!

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