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Building for the future

With all the bad news in the press about the Spanish economy lately, you would be forgiven for thinking that all construction had come to a halt.  Well, certainly holiday home construction is not a hot investment  at the moment, but national infrastructure projects are still pressing ahead.New_highway_to_granada_from_coast In fact, many are being accelerated to help take up the slack in the manual labour market.  Spaniards are never happier then when pouring concrete and taking their nation further into the 21st Century.
Today, as I was driving to the Alpujarras in Granada province and I caught a glimpse of the new E 902 motorway extension that will run from the coast up to the province's capital Granada city.  These projects take shape at extraordinary speed here.  From political debate to cutting the ribbon can be a matter of just a few years. The AVE high speed train network, new motorways and public housing are all being rolled out with greater urgency in the hope that it will take the edge of the property downturn ( that's called a "crash" if you are journalist working for the UK press).

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