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Wurms Narrow House At Malagas CAC

CAC Malaga

Had to go to Malaga city today, so took the opportunity to see the temporary exhibits at the Contemporary Art Museum – this season featuring the NYC based Brazilian artist Vik Muniz

Cac photo

and the Austrian artist and sculptor Erwim Wurm.

Wurm's narrow house at Malaga's CAC

I particularly liked Wurm’s witty and challenging ‘narrow house’. One can squeeze inside
to experience it, one at a time – everything in the 1960s style chalet
is uncomfortably, yet kind of amusingly, compressed.

(Last night
there was another almighty storm and torrential rain, so maybe I
shouldn’t have been surprised to see, placed on the floor right in the
middle of the neighbouring white gallery space, a mop bucket with a
little water in it. I was tempted to ask the docent to talk me through this contemporary art installation….)


CAC Malaga

Calle Alemania s/n, 1  29001 Malaga, Spain

952 12 00 55

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