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Casarabonela Flowers

Casarobonela – the Hidden Andalucia beyond the tourist trail

A cold beer, a glass of Rioja, and three tapas…how much do you think that should set you back? 10 euro? Or maybe 7 euro?  Well, in a sleepy mountain village on a wintery Sunday (it was 15 degrees centigrade , according to the Spanish news, that’s cold!) …. that will be 3.45 euro señor – fantastic value and very tasty! (photos are as ever with my iphone, but I’m going to get back into some more professional SLR photography pronto, I promise. Just shopping around for a camera).

Fruit and Flowers Casarabonela, Andalucia, Andrew Forbes

Today we were back in the village of Casarobonela, high up in the mountains, with a stunning view of the countryside all the way
down to the coast and Malaga city. I’ve mentioned the village a couple of times on the blog, including a visit to the village’s botanic garden. It’s not far from Cortijo de las Nieves and on a Sunday meander in the car and walk in the mountains, it’s a good stop for Sunday tapas.

Casarobonela old town

The village old town displays its Islamic roots with narrow, labyrinthine streets and alleyways. There is a contemporary
Islamic Garden on the precipitous streets heading up to the small cemetery. The garden is best seen in late spring, when its fountains and water canals are tinkling with sparkling water. It reminded me of the ancient, authentic Nasari Islamic Garden in Granada Province, mentioned in my blog here. Water is crucial to Islamic gardens – a wonderful integration of architecture, nature, aesthetic details and o course the source of life; water.

Jardin Andalusi Casarabonela

The cemetery dates back to 1860.
Historically in this small village, burials were made in the church crypts, but
in the interests of health and protection against epidemics, a small cemetery
was created at the top of the village. I find these places fascinating; not at
all morbid. Typically they are one of the few places in Andalusian villages
that haven’t been updated, rebuilt, tiled over and washed with bleach!

Cemetery Casarobonela

By the arched doorway is a pristine fountain,
fed from the mountain spring water. There is a small custodian’s house and a chapel.

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