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Catching the perfect wave? Bolonia, Tarifa

This week the heatwave across Andalucia has reached its peak. Yesterday just had to be a ‘mobile office day’; a time to escape the PC and enjoy probably the last really hot weather of the year.


We got up early, had a strong espresso, and hit the road. We took the AP7 coast highway west to Cadiz province and our favourite retreat, the beach at Bolonia. Off season it’s a magical place, uncrowded, and secluded.


Wednesday the soaring temperatures were hitting the mid-30s centigrade. A ‘terral’ wind was sweeping up from Africa, bringing a desert dryness and heat to the air.


An extraordinary day – part of the magic of Andalucia! Remember, I’m not bragging, just sharing 🙂 Celebrating the good things about Andalucia!


To discover a little more about Bolonia, you can see related blog posts here. The place, thanks to bloggers like me, is not such a secret anymore, but apart from a few weeks in high season, it is still remarkably unspoilt here.

The regional government had a good go a trying to destroy the landscape with the construction of a big concrete visitor centre, for the nearby Roman Ruins, but even that somehow has made peace with its surroundings. You can read about it here.

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