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Conquering La Torrecilla, Sierra de las Nieves – 3 years in the waiting

Well, didn’t make it to Sierra Nevada in the end – instead we climbed to the very top of Torrecilla, the highest peak in Sierra de las Nieves – over 8 hours!Reached the summit of La Torrecilla
The Sierra Nevada trip was going to involve staying the night in a cave and I thought we stopped doing that a few millions years back! Returning to the heart of the Sierra de las Nieves, it was great to see that the Junta de Andalucia has really improved the signage for the routes in the area.Climbing la torrecilla
I recalled how the last time we attempted to reach the summit, we failed as we took a wrong turn and lost valuable time and only managed the first stage (October 15, 2006). This time we arrived early…in fact when we drove up to the park entrance, right in the middle of the road was a pair of wild boar – black beasts with little tusks and they had such a muscular stance on the road, but then quickly legged it into the undergrowth.Message box at the summit of la torrecilla, sierra de las nives.

It was also really rewarding to see some major investment in protecting the rare plant life including the Pinsapo tree – a sort of dinosaur tree that has supposedly stopped evolving and is therefore super rare. In fact as well as these compact spruce there are some amazing ancient pines Ancient pine trees
and cedars that hug the mountainside as you climb. 30 percent up la torrecilla, sierra de las nieves
The going is pretty tough and steep in places, but there are superb views across to Ronda and beyond and as you get higher, to GibraltarLook close you can see gib la torrecilla
and the Costa del Sol from the other side. Plus overhead, at this height you are almost guaranteed to see vultures and golden eagles as well as more common Jays and Black Wheatears amongst the oaks below.Vultures Sierra de las Nieves

There are plenty of places to stop, take in the view and catch your breath.50% up la Torrecilla, sierra de las nieves
but don’t be tempted to eat too much until you’ve made it to the summit, as the last bit is really steep and demanding and with a full stomach it would be impossible!Steep climb

It was a great feeling to make it and place a stone at the summit. Once down at the bottom we have coffee and cake!  But I realised I had really caught the sun.Look at thesun burn on my neck la Torrecilla sierra de las nieves
It’s a good 3 – 4 hours going up plus the same coming down, so you’re out for over 8 hours. Rafa & i almost at the bottom la Torrecilla sierra de las nieves 

We got back to the car before sunset and headed for a small hostel/hotel in Juzcar and had a few drinks and some great home-cooked food. I don’t think I’m happier than when I am on one of my tree-hugging days out!

Evening light la Torrecilla


The mountain can be reached from the Ronda side of the Sierra de las Nieves or the Yunquera side.  On this trip we accessed the mountain by taking the A397 Ronda road from he coast and then at around km12 and 13 took the right hand turning, signposted Sierra del Las Nieves, La Torrecilla and also Los Quejigale camping etc. There is parking here and your can start the hike. Click here for details on the camping.

If you have a 4 x 4 you cannot access the mountain, as most of the year the track is closed due to restrictions on access to prevent fires, but you can take the track down past the Pinosapo natural monument and also carry on through the Sierra de la Nieves park all the way to Tolox.

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  1. Eszter
    EszterOct 01, 2010

    Hi Andrew
    I have been reading your blog since we moved here to Andalucia. I very often get inspiration where to go next and love the beautiful pictures you take.
    We are planning to go to Sierre Nieves soon and I thought maybe you could help with some information about that. We have just a normal car, not a 4×4 so I’d assume we will park it somewhere and hike.
    Do you think we can just leave the car behind and start hiking/walking in the park? Where is the offical entrance of the park where we could find some maps of routes? Where could we see the most beautiful parts of the park – vultures, goats and other flora and fauna.
    Sorry for all these questions, any advice would be highly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance for your help.

  2. Eszter
    EszterOct 01, 2010

    Hi Eszter
    Nice to hear from you.
    Check out the section on my blog
    and also the website
    You can access the park from all sides. One of the most popular is from the Ronda Road – take the road from San Pedro on the coast up to Ronda and the turning in on your right as you reach the summit of the sierra.
    This is the way we accessed the park when we climbed la Torrecilla, the highest peak:
    You can also access it from the otherside, taking the old mountain road to Ronda from Coin – the park is signposted.
    I think you should try the hike up La Torrecilla – its a great day.

  3. Joni
    JoniOct 18, 2017

    Hello, im thinking of doing this hike this weekend, is it suitable for dogs?

    • Andrew Forbes
      Andrew ForbesOct 29, 2017

      I believe the that the Sierra de las Nieves natural park requires that all dogs are kept on a lead at all times.

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