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¡Feliz Día de Andalucia! 28F ¡Happy 40th Anniversary Andalucía!

It’s 40 years since Andalucia was established as a devolved, autonomous region within Spain.

Here’s a little trivia about Southern Spain which I call home:

– Andalucía is home to highest mountain on mainland Spain (Sierra Nevada, Granada ⛷- ski in the morning, swim in the sea in the afternoon).

– Andalucía has Europe’s only desert (Tabernas, Almería 🌵 – where the Sergio Leone filmed his spaghetti westerns).

– Yet Andalucía is also has place with the highest rainfall in the whole of the Iberian peninsula (Grazalema ☔️ – great if you love orchids).

– The region covers almost 90,000 km2 🗺 – (that’s bigger than the Netherlands, Ireland, or Austria; twice the size of Denmark; and almost the size of Portugal or Hungary).

– Andalucía has one of highest organ donation participation in Europe ❤️ (that’s despite it being an opt-in service).

– It’s no surprise that Andalucía is the world’s biggest producer of olive oil; but did you know that the region is Europe’s market garden 🍎🥑(producing more fruit and veg than anywhere else on the continent).

– Andalucía built the world’s first commercial concentrating solar tower power station ☀️ – (a solar furnace that doesn’t use toxic solar panels but instead mirrors; technology now sold to USA and beyond).

– more award-winning actors, singers and dancers come from Andalucía than any other region of Spain 🎭 – Andalucía tiene arte 😉 (Malaga hosts Spain’s most important film festival for the Spanish arts and Andalucia has hosted the Goyas, Spain’s Oscars, for the last two years).

– Christopher Columbus set sail from Andalucía ⛵️

– Andalucía’s capital, Sevilla, was the first destination of Spain’s AVE (Alta Velocidad Española) high speed train service. The 300-310kph AVE network now connects Seville, Granada and Malaga and is the world’s largest high speed train network outside China; bigger than France’s TGV and Germany’s ICE).

¡Viva Andalucía! 💃🏻

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