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Forgotten trails in La Mairena

Today enjoyed a wonderful walk in the warm afternoon sun. When walking near the house, I normally I always head west, as within a kilometre or so in the 4 x 4 there is loads of trails and they have amazing views out over the coast and beyond.

Yet, this time I headed down the hill towards the small river that runs through the edge of La Mairena; and there, hidden down in the rocky gorge I found this charming little bridge, forming part of a really old route built here in the 19th Century.

It’s really narrow and was probably used by mules carrying the cork oak at harvesting time


Part of the mountain is still recovering from fire as shown by these palms below. but most of the area is buzzing with wildlife. Partridge were flying out from amongst the trees, and above Swifts were swooping, catching bugs.


Wild herbs including mint, thyme and rosemary make walking through the scrub a aromatic experience!

The most noticable thing was how dry everything was. This autumn has been so sunny that the normal streams and brooks that run down these mountainsides and through these creeks were dry, except for few pools. The river was flowing, but at nothing like its normal rate for winter.

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