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Gar-Anat Hotel de Peregrinos, Granada

Granada is a uniquely compelling city; its studenty, hippy vibe is a welcome contrast to the formality of a city that has one of Europe’s top tourist attractions – yes the Alhambra and Generalife Gardens really are quite a pull!

On our way back from Almeria, we took my all time favourite motorway route – Almeria capital to Granada capital. It passes through the stunning Tabernas desert and then reaches the troglodyte town of Guadix, famous for its cave houses and then skirts the stunning national park of Sierra Nevada.

Gar-Anat Hotel de Peregrinos, Granada

Sadly the meditative journey is somewhat eroded by the hassle of entering Granada with it chaotic traffic system, but a sanctuary was awaiting for us – Gar-Anat Hotel de Peregrinos.
Yes, it’s a bit of a mouthful, but is part of the group that owns ‘Ladron de Agua’, a pared back minimalist hotel on the Banks of the river Darro. I know that property well and have followed its maturity and I’m glad to see that its success has led to a new property.


Gar-Anat Hotel de Peregrinos I believe is in better location as it affords access both to Granada city centre and the old town. The front of house team is excellent and Pilar in reception made us feel very welcome. The rooms are simple, as per its sister hotel. The hotel is a classic Granada period palace, with a traditional central patio featuring grey stone pillars and ringed by ancient wooden walkways from which the rooms extend out.

Design elements and poetic gestures define the property, including a ‘tree of desires’ where guests can write wishes and desires on simple pieces of paper provided, and attach them to the stainless steel tree. Funky, innovative ideas like these are carried through with the idea of floating white curtains hiding the guest room doors.
I have to say the rooms are simple – almost sparse.

Don’t expect cosy here – this is truly minimalist and in some respect the designers have forgotten the needs of guests – a large spa bath may be impressive, but taking a shower without any screen or curtain means the bathroom gets wet. Sheer glass may seem cool for night stands, but not so cool when your leg hits the sharp corner – as so often is the case sometimes designers need to be guests to 'test drive' their ideas.

Overall through, it’s a truly beautiful property in a great location with very friendly staff – and free coffee. How wrong can you go?

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