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Gong therapy?

Here is the "Gong Therapy" tent at La Chispa Festival, Dsc00080where one can dance around bare foot whilst striking a huge gong.  Umm, well all these type of things seem more moving and compelling after a little organic substances.
Anyway; last weekend we were at La Chispa Festival, the natural living and  holistic festival close to Guaro. Well, lets face it, its hippie – and there’s nothing wrong with that is there?  Following a heavy night out the night before in sin city (Puerta Banus), I was grateful for a moment to enjoy a natural, freshly made smoothie and chill.  Rafa, The Villager and I then decided to to a bit of dancing.  Dsc00076Together with a bunch of total strangers we all learnt a couple of ancient routines that were meant to connect us with mother nature and make us happy – well, we were giggling a little!
Fatigue then set in and I lost my appetite for trinkets, little Buddha heads, tie-dye, matted hair and open loos.
The next morning I woke up with the compelling need to throw up – the feeling lasted two days….so much for ancient dances, organic smoothies and gong therapy.Dsc00074

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  1. Noelle
    NoelleJun 03, 2006

    OK this is more like it. I wanted to comment here but was struggling with pop-up blocker, and now I’m in! I’m escaping from my Dubai teaching job to come WWOOFING in Espana for a month, and there are a couple of holistic hippy places looking for help. Interesting to see alternative Spain in action. Are you better now?!

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