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In My Back Yard

Tonight is the night before Tres Reyes Magos (Three Kings)
festival, with parades across Spain. Kids everywhere getting excited about the
prospect of loads of free sweets being thrown out to the crowds from the
passing floats and of course family gift giving at home.
Rafa & I decided to explore countryside around our new place.
We’re about 400 metres from the edge of the UNESCO biosphere area of protected
cork and Holm oaks. Our street is the last part of the urbanised portion of the
mountain with a rustic track from the end of our street leading into the edge
of the park and some luxury villas.Luxury_villas_on_edge_of_unesco_b_2

This is a magical corner of the Mediterranean. Wild flowers, herbs and ferns cover the
ground, amongst the twisted oaks. In the
distance, you can glimpse the sea, stretching either out towards Gibraltar and the Atlantic, or eastwards beyond Malaga.
The idyllic peace is occasional broken by a quad bike or motocross
enthusiast. Img_4353
I can’t help but feel the
urge rent one of those things. I’d hate to have a multi million euro luxury home in the heart of the
forest with these motos screaming past, but I can see the appeal buzz across the countryside!Img_4358

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