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IX Festival de la Luna Mora

"Luna Mora" or "The Moorish Moon", is the annual arts and crafts festival held in Guaro during September.  It's a Moroccan themed celebration of local produce, craftsmanship, culture and history; a valuable tourist draw to what other wise is a rather quiet town, and of course a good excuse to eat and drink!

Img_0894_1Last night we joined slow moving, single-file traffic driving along the narrow lane to the town. Having parked the car precariously on the rough ground beside the road, we walked into the town, and were soon greeted by the hundreds of small white candles lining the narrow streets.  The town switches off its street lights, so the only light comes from the candles lining the streets, adorning doorways and decorating balconies and terraces. Displays of coloured votives made magical focal points throughout the village…..a la luz de miles de velas.

Soon we were in the main square, full of visitors enjoying the music spilling out from bars and jostling for space around the many stalls.  From the main square and along the street to the edge of Guaro is  "el soco de artesanos", or the artisans market.  North African tents and stalls lined the alleys and streets, offering pottery, handmade soaps, herbs, teas as well as Andalucian specialties. The Moroccan theme is carried throughout with intricate lanterns on the stalls, and colour fabrics hanging over the narrow streets.

Free music recitals were being held in the village church, whilst in the sports arena leading Spanish flamenco and music artists were performing.  It was a remarkable transformation for a small, sleepy village into a bustling, vibrant and magical place.

I took a few pictures, but without a tripod I'm a afraid my hand was not steady enough for the extended exposure, but they at least capture a little of the atmosphere.

For more pictures click here.

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