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Malaga’s stunning new look port – El Palmeral de las Sorpresas

Feliz Año Nuevo a todos!

After a splendid New Year’s Eve in Malaga capital, this morning we enjoyed a walk through the new port quay side, called the ‘El Palmeral de las Sorpresas’, designed by architect. Jerónimo Junquera.

This Palm Grove of Surprises is a new public space for Malaga and finally brings the port back into the heart of this maritime city. The sweeping quay starts at Malaga’s light house, where mega cruise ships dock, then sweeps around, running along the port and up to the city’s Alameda Park and the main street of Calle Larios.


The port was always a stone’s throw from the centre, but over the years it had become isolated, cut off behind gates and walls. Now the space has been opened up and it is possible to walk with a few minutes from the City’s historic Constitution Square, down the elegant pedestrianised Calle Larios, straight to the port.

Calle Larios Malaga

This stunning new paseo is indeed full of surprises and great architectural detailing. Of course it houses the expected range of boutiques for the cruise ship passengers, but also new cafes and bars. But more than anything, along the palm grove are a series of spaces, each with its own identity; fountains, sculptural architectural gardens; small Italian style sunken gardens and play areas for families.


Combined with the trees and palms, the unifying element is the brilliant white concrete pergola, creating a play of light and shadows.


I look forward to seeing this when it is finally complete – it is set to become an integral part of Malaga’s identity.



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  1. Steen Kelså
    Steen KelsåMar 24, 2014

    It is stunning I was there last week and shot this:

    • Andrew Forbes
      Andrew ForbesMar 27, 2014

      Thanks for sharing your photos! Architectural concrete somehow looks so much more impressive in the bright Andalusian sun!

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