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Merry Christmas

Here is a Christmas in Spain feature to I contributed, for Spanish Homes Magazine.Download spanish-homes-xmas.pdf

Today is the Spanish National Lottery Christmas Draw, "el gordo" – "the big one". For
Spaniards this lengthy, idiosyncratic, televised event heralds Christmas. Young choristers “sing” the lottery numbers
as they are drawn from huge, gilded rotating, spherical cages.
So, today, in an effort to get into the spirit of Christmas, we’re going to dress our “arbol de navidad” and
chill out. Thanks to the incompetence of Telefonica here, we
still have no phone or internet line. Frustrating at first as this may seem, it
has actually provided a welcome break from the distractions of email, calls and
the web. So I made a quick trip to an internet café to make this post. So
please accept this as my festive greeting, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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  1. Trina
    TrinaDec 22, 2007

    Marry Christmas, and congratulations on your new home! 🙂

  2. Sue
    SueDec 26, 2007

    Dear Andrew, merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I have just discovered your blog (last couple of minutes!) and consider it my best Christmas pressie this year. I am looking forward to many happy hours of looking through it all. All the best, Sue.

  3. John
    JohnDec 28, 2007

    Hi Andrew,
    Have just come to the end of your blog after many ‘on and off’ months of reading.
    We bought our finca in Casarabonela (on the way to Antequera from you) two years ago and haven’t regretted it for a moment. Although not the ‘ruina’ we had hoped to refurb it is fast becoming one (if that makes any sense) and will be a liveable ‘work in progress’ for some time!
    I loved the Moroccan lamps etc. you bought for your house in Guaro. Did you get them on your Moroccan trip? Or somwhere more ‘local’? I’ve been humping things like that over in my suitcase from ‘The Pier’ in London and it would be great to cut out the middleman.
    Thanks for all the great information you’ve passed on over the years…I spent Summer School in Santiago this year and loved every minute of it.
    Thanks again and keep up the blog…you have a great writing style!

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