Andalucia Diary – Seasonal Travel Notes

New discoveries in familar places

A close  friend, Angela (from my university days!) came over on a flying 48 hour visit, and with Rafa & I frustrated and pissed off with all things house-related, it was a great opportunity to hit the road and enjoy the sunshine in Ronda.El_tajo_ronda
Rafa introduced us to new places like the charming Palacio de Mondragon,Palacio_de_mondragon_garden_ronda
with its Moorish water features, Mediterrean plants and exquisite architecture. We also took in the popular sites, like the Convento de Santo Domingo,Convento_de_santo_domingo
the famous bridge linking old and new town, and of course the plaza de Toros, Me_angela_in_plaza_de_toros_ronda
the oldest in Spain. Despite all the beaurocratic bungling, it’s still a great place to live….

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