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Sierra Nevada – ski & boarding in Andalucia

So we've arrived up in the ski resort of Sierra Nevada, which sits at about 2,400 metres. There are stunning views south west out across Andalucia.

Above us towers 'el Veleta', the iconic peak of some 3,300 metres.

The ski resort town in the Sierra Nevada mountain range is called Pradollano, which is within the municiplaity of Monachil – so often there is quite a bit of confusion when people are searching online ofr hotels and restaurants in the area – they really need to get their positioning and marketing sorted. Most people call the area Sierra Nevada for short, after the mountains, but be careful when booking hotels as the village on Monachil is down in the valle by Granada city and most people want to stay up on the mountain, which is called Pradollano (still within the area of Monachil) – you confused yet? Yes? Exactly!

Andrew Forbes, travelista and generally good guy in Sierra Nevada, Spain
The Sierra boasts over 14 peaks over 3000 metres and is Southern Spain's winter sports area.
The season has just started, and there's already a decent base of snow, especially considering how close we are to the Mediterranean!
Not sure if it is the sunshine, the mountain air or breathtaking vistas, but I'm always hungry here – enjoyed a great 'menú de dia' at 'Little Morgan' including this tasty starter of paella.
Tomorrow some calorie-burning boarding!

Sierra Nevada - ski & boarding in Andalucia

Sierra Nevada has almost 50 kilometres
of fun and easy to navigate runs and another 50 kilometres of compelling
intermediate runs. There are also a few steep and challenging slopes for those
that have the expert skill and the nerve. Whilst for families there is a dedicated
recreational area with toboggan runs and ice rink as well as mountain tours in
snow trucks.

There are over 39 pistes, 100
kilometres of runs and some 44 lifts, and a season that extends until well after

Sierra Nevada - ski & boarding in Andalucia

By the way, for supper, my favourite is 'Tito Luigi' an Italian Pizzeria that makes homemade food and puddings. The place is in a bit of timewarp – it reminded me of places when I'd eat out with my parents as a kid. It's really homey, the food is tasty, service is good; and it's pretty good value too.

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