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Seville Detail Cropped

Tapas-Hopping in Sevilla, Andalucia

It’s no secret that I adore Seville, Andalucía’s capital. Sometimes I just need a ‘city-fix’, and Seville not only has an urban buzz, but its city centre is beautiful, historic and a pleasure to explore.

Seville Sevilla Tapas Hopping with Andrew Forbes

Summer is fairly tough here, with the intense heat and lack of a refreshing sea breeze we’re used to on the south coast, but on a sunny winter’s day it’s a joy.

Old town is pedestrianised; a complex labyrinth of narrow streets that takes a number of visits before you can really feel you’ve mastered the area. Over the years I’ve got to know the famous Santa Cruz quarter pretty well, but I’m still discovering new tapas bars.

But first we went to an old favourite; Robles Tapas. It’s part of a popular group of bars and restaurants that has a real history.

Bar Tapas Robles Seville

The tapas bar is light and clean – a sort of classic contemporary mix. Food is great and service friendly…a reliable choice. The huge example of bull taxidermy behind the bar makes it a memorable place!

Tucked away, deep in Santa Cruz, close to the Royal Palace and Alcazaba is a real city classic; Las Teresas. Normally very touristy, as it is quintessential – but off season, it’s perfect!

Tapas Bar Las Teresas Seville

What’s better than a glass of Rioja, some fine cured ham and great, humorous conversation with friends!

Rioja and cured Ham in Bar Teresas Seville

This visit we didn’t stay in a fancy hotel – we found a great late internet rate, but no breakfast was included so next morning we headed to Bar Europa – another institution in Seville.

Bar Europa Seville

I had the classic toasted bread with virgin olive oil and fresh tomato – and of course a strong coffee for the ‘morning after the night before’!
Happy Tapas-Hopping!

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