Andalucia Diary – Seasonal Travel Notes

Tarifa revisited…again…

As I ended the call, sitting overlooking the azure waters of
the straits, I was thankful to be working in the generation on mobile, wireless
communications! With my Vodafone mobile
and my Movistar 3G laptop modem, I can work almost anywhere these days. Monday was such a fantastic day that I
decided to be spontaneous. I booked a
room at the Dos Mares Hotel, just west of Tarifa. The drive on Monday night took a little over
an hour and we are in another world. Sunset_tarifa_2
sun was setting as we stepped out onto the beach. What a way to deal with those work day blues! The lighting this morning
was exceptional. The Dos Mares Hotel is
aptly names, as it sits on the coast at the point that the Mediterranean and the Atlantic meet. A spot that is a favourite for water
, Watersports_tarifa_beach
with kite and wind surfers dominating the foreground as you look out to
sea. Beyond are the ports and mountains of Morocco.

This little corner of Andalucia has yet to be over
developed. Please, don’t build a motorway here! Spain is on a mission to modernise its infrastructure, building on its exceptional
success following joining the EU: I have
to say I love the convenience of motorways and airports but the desire the put
motorways along all of Spain’s
coast is flawed. The price one pays is hideous traffic jams in Summer, but the
trade off is a coast line that is as the Med used to be; pine trees, gassy sand
dunes and small, modest hotels. Dos Mares is one of the few hotels that is
beach side (most are set further back, the other side of the N340 highway), so
it has a privileged spot with amazing views and a relaxed, friendly service. The hotel is 3 stars, but prices a little
closer to 4 stars – at the end of the day you are paying for the location. Don’t expect the formality or uniform service
of a hotel chain. This is surfer territory. But everything is genuine and friendly, although they could maybe sort
out eh cobwebs in the beach side chiringuito – they are so large that they
could pose a hazard to small children.

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  1. Naranja
    NaranjaMar 31, 2008

    You are certainly back blogging with a vengeance!
    Envious at your trip to Tarifa y coastline, feeling stuck in bum fuck village. Must come and visit you soon.

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