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Cadiz Carnival

The Carnival of Cádiz

The Carnival of Cádiz is probably the one of the best known in Spain. The entire city embraces the freedom and creativity of the festival.

We headed down for the last Sunday, and found the streets absolutely full of people parting. Many are in fancy dress; almost all the children are dressed as various characters, music and noise is everywhere.

Chiringotas Cadiz Carnival Andrew Forbes
Cadiz carnival streets full

Throughout the carnival is a competition amongst satirical singing groups, called Chiringotas. During this weekend the groups are all out in the streets performing their witty and sarcastic routines, poking fun at politicians, famous people and life in general. In addition to the main competition, there is a huge fringe, with lots of groups, from schools, colleagues, work places and groups of friends.

There is no shortage of colourful wigs, and masks for anyone who wants to spontaneously take part.

Pitos, masks and wigs for the carnival in Cadiz

The city is one of the poorest in Spain, so don’t expect anything too refined, there is rawness to the place, but the energy and colour is seductive.

Chiringota Cadiz Carnival - Carnaval Cadiz about to perform

Basilica Cadiz

What’s more, the seafood here is amongst the best in Europe; sea fresh oysters, prawns and sea urchins.

Superb seafood selection cadiz

  Cadiz seafood in the streets

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