Andalucia Diary – Seasonal Travel Notes

The road to Portugal…

I have an assignment in Portugal, so we’ve
hit the road.  From Marbella to the
border is about three and half to four hours. We’re heading a further hour or
more west on the Algarve to a upscale boutique hotel near Albufeira. 

I love the road up to Ronda and then up to
Seville, with the rolling pastures of that part of the Andalucía, and then from
Seville head directly west.  But this
time we were in Malaga, so took the motorway – it’s a easy run, but not that
interesting, but you pass the distinctive rock formations outside Antequera.
There’s construction for the new high speed AVE train, then as you pass further
west you pass acres of solar panels and huge solar power stations.

Road to Portugal

From Seville we cross the might Guadalquivir
on the ‘Paquito’ – that’s Andaluz 
diminutive for Francisco, and they’ve nicknamed the suspension bridge as
it looks like a baby brother of the Golden Gate in San Francisco!

Little San Francisco Bridge Sevilla

We broke the journey in Huelva and stayed
the night and then next day bright and early crossed into Portugal.  The country, since it went into crisis, now
charges for use of its motorways, so you have to register your car, a bit like
with the congestion charge in London, and pay for usage with a prepaid card or
with your credit card – sophisticated cameras are everywhere picking up your


Then we enjoyed 11es in Faro before arriving at the hotel.

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