Andalucia Diary – Seasonal Travel Notes

The other man’s grass is always greener?

As I mentioned, this weekend was spent exploring the Cadiz province.  Often when we’re exploring the countryside, I get all excited about seeing the mountains, the vultures and eagles, the forests etc.  Yet Rafa is always very reserved, having grown up with all this on his doorstep, having ground up in Ronda.
But views like this below, are what seem to excite Rafa!  Img_1791A green field!  Well, I have to admit, it is lovely seeing Andalucia at this time of year, as the frequent showers and warm weather combine to bring Spring really early, but for Rafa, who has grown up in the heat of Andalucia,  it’s a amazing each year to see green grass!  For me, coming from the UK, which must come a close second to Ireland as the greenest country in Europe, grass doesn’t illicit much response!
But, having climbed to the top of the Roman fort at Sidonia Medina this weekend and seen the green vistas spreading out to the coast, I guess I was a little impressed. Just going that little bit closer to the Atlantic, the climate and landscape changes dramatically.I’ll update the Pueblos Blancos photo album shortly, as I captured some goood shots of the villages, despite the unpredictable weather.Img_1840

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