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Badlands Guadix

Troglodyte living – the bioclimatic cave houses of Guadix!

For me, the thought of troglodyte cavemen brings to mind either prehistoric man or those Captain Caveman cartoons. Yet in Andalucía, people are still living in caves! In fact people pay good money to have a holiday in a cave!

Geological formations, Badlands, Guadix, Andalucia

Guadix is an extraordinary area of Andalucía, to the north of Sierra Nevada, east of Granada city. Looking out from the breathtaking view point at Kabila, it’s hard to believe one is in Spain – it feels more like the wild canyons of the United States. And the fact is, these unusual formations make for great cave dwellings.

To get a perspective on how long people have been living in caves here, it is worth visiting ‘Hábitat Troglodita Almagruz’.

Troglodyte cave houses Guadix

This complex combines a genuinely compelling museum of original caves dating back centuries (some with 5 floors of living space inside!) together with luxury holiday rental caves overlooking a pristine pool.  Not a bad idea for an original holiday.

Holiday Rental Cave Cottages Guadix

Guadix is somewhere I most certainly will return to; the city is packed with history, including a notable cathedral, and the surrounding countryside not only offers awesome landscapes but is also home to ancient Megalithic settlements – yep, for sure I will be back to spend a few days here to really get to know it.

Badlands, Guadix Mirador de Kabila

©Juan Carlos Poveda Vera (

©Juan Carlos Poveda Vera (

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