Andalucia Diary – Seasonal Travel Notes

I´m sure I parked here…

Today a few people parked their cars in Málaga Capital (30 minutes east from me in Marbella) only to come back later and find that they were swept away in the torrential rains, right down the street into the sea!Malagacapital

The last few days have certainly not been the "costa del sol" of holiday brochures.  The rain has been increasingly violent and even in my area, the street is covered in earth and rocks that have been swept down from the Sierra Blanca mountains. It is not unusual for heavy rain to hit the coast, but usually it is in the Spring and for shorter periods.
The second warmest autumn for 25 years was abruptly interrupted at the end of Oct when the rain started (coinciding with the first visit from my brother and his girlfriend! In a place that is defined by its beaches, mountains and outdoor life, it was hard to show case the place with visibility at about 50 metres!).

Last week was warm and sunny again – so it´s all very strange.  Clearly global warming but I am still denying it is modern life that is causing it….but it is green house gases, then I want to keep my  4 x 4 but will be willing to give up beef.  Supposedly farting cows contribute more environmentally harmful gases than cars on the planet!

(image from – check this site for up to date Spanish news for Andalucia)

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