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Marbella Belles

Well, I know I like to write about quaint country customs and photograph bloody trees all the time, but I just can't let the Marbella Belles phenomenon pass by without a mention on my blog. The new ITV1 6 part show features 5 women who have come to the Costa del Sol to start new lives.  Louise_truelove_mills_mills_medical Last night's show, the first in the series, was like watching a car crash – one could not help feeling the horror combined with a sick voyeurism.  However, I have to declare a vested interest though, as one of the Belles is a friend – none other than Louise Truelove, a larger than life sweetheart who now works at cosmetic surgery company Aria Medical Group.

People that love Marbella also love looking their best and to look one`s best these days, involves a little nip/tuck! 

Although the show is attracting some stick, this is only driving the viewing figures higher! The show, without a doubt, plays to every cliche and stereotype there is.  Marbella is in fact quite different from the glimpse we are given by the show, with a diversity of residents & lifestyles. But this is at the end of the day, good TV – perfect ITV fodder and very entertaining.  Don't miss next week's episode, on Tuesday night at 10pm (23.00 CET) – as you will get to meet the lovely Louise.

(Photo copyright ITV)

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  1. Marbella Girl
    Marbella GirlJun 14, 2007

    The only problem is now that every one thinks all us ladies in Marbella are like the Marbella Bellles!

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