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Valencia has long been on my list of Spanish cities to visit. Getting there proved to be
a task though. It’s a short flight from Malaga,
yet the price is a ridiculous 150 euros plus! In addition, it’s not even a real plane, but a Air Nostrum, rubber-band
job. Yes, a plane with propellers. I can’t
believe these things still exist. I am
totally irrational when it comes to aircraft, so I knew I was never going to
get on a plane with propellers. Also the local
news has been filed with stories recently of Nostrum Air planes crash landing (supposedly it happens all the time, but only really gets news coverage when a customer gets injured) The
thought of hurtling towards a runway without the landing gear deployed is SO not my idea of fun weekend away.
So I thought I’d take the train. I have
romantic ideas of continental trains. Fast,
clean, with dining cars where you can sit and eat for hours. Perfect I thought. So I got online and explored the national Spanish train site RENFE – excellent multi lingual site, with more than enough information. In fact the site confirmed that the train
from Malaga to Valencia was not one of Spain´s state
of the art high speed services but a regular bone shaker that would stop at practically
every pueblo on the way –a marathon 11 hour journey. So I decided to drive. I love driving and it
would be a great opportunity to explore areas on the way. Rafa had other ideas. He has little faith in my driving ( I like to
look around as I drive along. Just looking at the tarmac is so dull.. He was disturbed at the thought of me driving off for 8 plus hours!
Amazingly he found a flight direct from Seville
to Valencia
with my favorite low cost airline, Vueling. So instead I took the scenic two
and half  hour drive to Seville, and
boarded a new Airbus jet, sat my arse down in my reserved leather seat
and enjoyed the view of the cute flight attendants. Now that is the way to travel!

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