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Ronda to Tolox – the 4 x 4 way

Driving home today was an adventure. I took my tonka toy style 4 x 4 truck from Ronda to Tolox without using a single road! Toyota FJ Cruiser, near la Torrecilla, sierra de las nieves, malaga province, andalucia
Amazing, cut into the mountainside, across the Sierra de las Nieves natural park, are a network of tracks that cover hundreds of kilometres.Tracks cut into the moutainside in Sierra de las nieves
It was over 40 km from Torrecilla to Tolox and it took in some superb vistas from some an exceptionally privelidged view point. After a day of serious hiking, it was a luxury to cruise in style in my gas gussler and take in the views without getting any blisters or sunburn.Sierra de las Nieves routes for walking and 4 x 4

The routes are really well maintained – and as we were driving through we saw environment department staff maintaining the forests minimising fire rosk – looks like Andalucia is no longer taking it natural environment for granted.

Fuente Amargosa, Tolox,
We ended up in Tolox and joined the normal road at the Amargosa Spa / Balnario Amargosa spa tolox
– the spa health resort dating back to the last century. The natural, mineral spa waters are collected and given to clients as steam and baths…it's that whole sulphorous, magnesium thing goin' on…

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