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Sounds of a Malagueña

It was after midnight on Saturday night, and the air was still and heavy – it was over 30 degrees centigrade! All around me were people waiting in anticipation for a star.  Women cooled themselves with decorative, delicate Spanish fans whilst the men clutched ice-cold cans of beers.  The group was mixed and lively – chatty elderly people mixed with teenagers, dating couples and families – united in excitement and anticipation..

The star they were waiting was not to appear in the night sky, but on a small stage that had been build in the community sports ground of Monda, a small pueblo north of Marbella!

Diana_navarroWe were all waiting for Diana Navorro, a talented young woman from Málaga – or a Malagueña/o as they are known here.  Navarro is the new voice of flemenco, with a very distintive sound.  It’s more of a fusion of Spanish, North African, and Portugese sounds.  A real sound of the Medíterrean.  Her voice is exceptionally strong, clear, passionate.

Although we had all been waiting for over an hour for her arrival, it was worth it.  In the shadow of the flood lit Monda Castle, she filled the valley with sounds of love, heartache, loneliness and hope.

Diana_navarro_2Her first album is called No te olvides de mí – Don’t you forget me.  I’ve not seen it on Amazon in the UK, but you can visit her record company‘s web site for downloads.

The concert t was intimate and powerful.  She’s touring Andalucia and it’s refreshing to see artists that go out to the pueblos as well as the cities. In the pueblos, its such a different, relaxed, informal atmosphere. Every comes together, from different age groups, backgrounds, even countries.  For example the couple next to me were from England,  having retired here 20 years ago, whilst behind me was a young couple, and in front some teenage fans.

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