Andalucia Diary – Seasonal Travel Notes

That doesn´t do nicely

So the day has come – the last door to my old life has been
closed. I’ve moved on. I’m a better
person. I no longer need the support
crutches of a fancy car or a big house to define who I am. I live for today! (Not for a last minute guaranteed
reservation at London’s best new
Well…..I wish all of the above was true…but the reality is I’m
just poorer here in Spain,
so my lifestyle is leaner in terms of consumption!
Talking of spending, I’m looking to invest in a property (read,
“borrow money at scary, unpredictable interest rates”) with Rafa and so I need
to “save money”. Anyone who knows me well will recognise that this is a concept
I have never really managed to embrace with much enthusiasm in the past, but now
I think I on the right way.
On November 2 my invitation-only Centurion card comes up for
renewal – a hefty annual fee of 600 pounds that assures one membership of an
elite club, where one’s every whim is catered for.
Yeah, whatever! I will not be renewing – I´ve just cut the card in half!
Now, my monthly spend at the supermarket doesn’t even get me
an invitation to join the loyalty card scheme! Since living in Andalucia I have
left home plenty of times in the past two years without my fancy credit card
and not noticed any difference!
So, from now on each year 1000 euros will be in my bank and
not with Amex.
I feel I have really turned the corner…..I am just so
wholesome now! You know what? I might just pop out and buy something to reward

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