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Oh My Goat Painted Goat In Malaga

Oh my goat! A herd of painted cabras line Malaga’s posh Calle Larios

Today I was in Malaga to meet an old university friend and as I walked up Calle Larios, either side of the pedestrianised, marble-paved street were 40 beautifully and creatively painted goats!

Oh My Goat Andrew Forbes picture of painted goat in Malaga

This is the mew urban street art initiative, called ‘Oh My Goat!’.

Oh My Goat Urban Street Art Malaga

It really reminded me of CowParade, which came to Chicago when I was working there. But here in Malaga, instead of cows were goats – which is pretty appropriate since the Malaga goat is renowned for its milk, cheese and meat.

Oh My Goat Andrew Forbes picture of painted goat in Malaga, spain

Oh MY Goat painted colourful goat Calle Larios

The street art is a project sponsored by Malaga newspaper the SUR, an initiative to promote the multimillion euro goat industry in Andalucía!

Om My Goat, Andalucia Diary

More pictures here.



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  1. Christine
    ChristineOct 23, 2013

    I just love these art initiatives. Baltimore, Maryland had one a few years back featuring the crab since that is what they are known for; it was such fun to spot them around the city. Having lived in Malaga, I can picture Calle Larios beautifully adorned with the cabras.

    • Andrew Forbes
      Andrew ForbesOct 24, 2013

      Bringing back happy memories I hope. Malaga is changing each year for the better, despite the tricky economy and it’s city that is really comig into it’s own now. Saludos desde Malaga!x

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