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Santiagos Kitchen Restaurant Alhaurin el Grande

Eating out mid-week just got interesting – Supper Club at Santiago’s Kitchen

Last night I headed to Alhaurin el Grande and to Santiago’s Kitchen. I’ve written about this restaurant before, it’s a real favourite.

But yesterday evening’s meal was something different.

It was the mid-week ‘Supper Club’, which each week celebrates different cuisines from around the world. Already Persian dishes, and spicy Thai cuisine have been featured and last night it was a ‘Greek Odyssey’ – delicious Mediterranean plates full of flavour thanks to fresh herbs, lemons, cinnamon & little chilli for spice. Salty cheeses added seasoning to the soup and honey syrup gave sweetness to the wonderful desserts.

The Wednesday night Supper Club (find out more on their facebook page) certainly makes mid-week dining out more fun. It’s a set menu; a very generous selection of dishes that epitomise the week’s theme.

The price is just 18.95 euro for all the courses (starters, mains and puddings) – that’s about the price of one plate in the UK!

What’s more I really like the atmosphere in the restaurant – it’s always full, with a friendly relaxed crowd, so lots of chatter and laughter.

Next week’s theme is British ‘Contemporary Pub Classics‘ – so expect gourmet interpretations of some classic dishes like a ploughman’s platter starter to beef stew with dumplings. You’ll come over all nostalgic!

Santiago’s Kitchen

Calvario, 38

Alhaurin el Grande,

For reservations, call +34 951 504 737



Last night’s Greek dishes included:

A traditional rustic white bean soup with tomatoes, oregano, chilli flakes, carrots, onion & celery leaves. Topped with fresh parsley & crumbled feta

Roasted Garlic Hummus
Santiago’s version uses sweet smoky roasted garlic for extra depth of flavour.
A roasted red pepper & feta dip with olive oil, fresh chilli & cinnamon.
Homemade Greek Pita Bread
Served with the dips
Cypriot triangular pastries filled with grated halloumi & sheep’s cheese mixed with beaten egg, dried mint & raisins & topped with sesame seeds.

Lamb Stifado
A rich lamb stew slow cooked with shallots, red wine, tomato, garlic, cinnamon, bay leaf & cloves.
Ellinikos Lemoni Patatas
Potatoes roasted with lemon, garlic, oregano & stock, topped with fresh parsley. Served with the Stifado
Chicken Souvlaki with Courgette Tzatziki
Marinaded chicken skewered with red onion, courgette & peppers seasoned with lemon, garlic, thyme, oregano & rosemary. With a grated courgette & yoghurt Tzatziki sauce flavoured with garlic & dill
Rice cooked with spinach, onions lemon & dill. Served with the souvlaki.

lemon custard filled filo pastry rolls with orange blossom syrup & sesame seeds
Honey & cinnamon coated mini doughnuts topped with chopped walnuts

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